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Proven Home Security Tips to Ensure Safer Long Island Living

Posted by Collin McGorty on Apr 6, 2017 10:00:00 AM

home security

Protecting your home is essential for ensuring the safety of your family and possessions. When you buy a new home, there are certain preventive measures and actions that you can take to safeguard it. Check out these home security tips so you can fortify your living space the right way.

How to Properly Preserve your Home Security

Start with the Doors

It isn’t difficult to understand that most burglars will enter the home through a door. People are either not locking their doors or not equipping them with the right locking mechanisms. Therefore, securing your doors is a logical place to start implementing your home security strategy.

The first thing you should always do when you move into a new home is change all the locks in the house. You can never be sure who has access to keys from previous owners.

While you’re changing the locks, consider installing a deadbolt that is at least an inch thick. These locks are stronger than regular spring latch locks and can be what makes the difference if an intruder tries to forcefully enter your home.

It’s also a best practice to make sure all door hinges are inside the house rather than on the exterior. When they’re located outside, intruders can take out the hinge pin and easily enter your home.

home security

Installing a Security System

Security systems are widely used to discourage and thwart intruders from entering homes. This includes securing sensors to every door, window or entry point in your home.

  • When you leave the house or go to bed, you can switch the system on so that even the slightest interference with the sensors will trigger an alarm to sound.
  • The only way to shut off the alarm or system is by entering a password.
  • Many of these systems will contact authorities if the alarm goes off for long enough.

However, it’s usually a best practice to make sure your security system has no exposed wiring outside of your home. Intruders can locate these wires and cut them off to disable the entire system. Buy a system that’s wireless and can connect to your mobile phone so you have access wherever you go.

home security

Optimize your Lighting

Burglars often strike during the night while they’re concealed under a cover of darkness and can stay hidden. Sometimes, the only thing needed to dissuade these would-be intruders is just a little bit of light.

First of all, you can use interior light timers to give the sense that someone is always around in your home, which may be enough to deter an intruder. You can also equip the exterior of your home with motion-sensor lighting that will switch on if there is significant movement in the range of their sensors.

home security

By having proper lighting inside and outside of your home, intruders won’t be able to keep their presence unknown. It will alert you to any disturbances so you can take the proper precautions to prevent any real damage.

By introducing comprehensive home security tactics, you ensure that it will always remain safe and sound.

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