All the Latest Commercial Real Estate Trends

All the Latest Commercial Real Estate Trends

Within the past few years, there have been numerous advances in technology and the way that people work. Companies and jobs are changing as new methods of conducting business arise globally. Several of these advancements have a direct effect on the commercial real estate industry. Workplaces everywhere are evolving to keep up with the rapid development and demand for new technology. Everyone, especially business owners, should stay up-to-date with all that’s occurring in the industry. Here are some commercial real estate trends to keep in mind.

Commercial Real Estate Trends to Look Out for

Shared Space

Mixed-use properties and shared office spaces are on the rise. As a way to conserve and maximize space, interrelated companies are sharing offices to work in conjunction with and for the benefit of each other.

This also has the added value of saving on costs related to the lease, amenities, internet, and other services. As the number of start-ups grow, there comes a need for a space that accommodates the flexible workplaces of these new types of businesses. 


Many companies are interacting in ways that have never been seen before. The necessity for collective creativity and thought are being integrated in engaging new ways.

These developments also have the additional advantage of enabling flexible schedules and calendars, shared resources, space utilization, and efficiency. The businesses that occupy the space will also be able to take advantage of each other’s services if the availability is present.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

As technology progresses, smart buildings and modern amenities are making their way into the workplace. There is a global push towards energy-efficiency and so that is also being integrating. Features like automation sensors on heating, lights, and internet are becoming popular, too. Other conveniences include automated blinds, a central command center, LED lighting, and dimmers.


Not only are smart buildings changing the way that companies operate, they are also favorable to workers. People want to work in offices like these, so jobs that offer them are in higher demand and will have a better pool of potential hires.

3D Modeling

It’s hard to imagine your company somewhere without at least some sort of physical manifestation of the property. To facilitate shopping for commercial real estate prior to construction, there are now 3D models made of buildings to show prospective buyers what the final product would look like.


Imagine being able to walk around and tour your new offices before the building exists? Well, now you can. Some commercial real estate agencies offer virtual reality tours of properties before ground is even broken on the project.

Open Concept

In recent years, some companies have been implementing an open concept layout for their offices. This plan makes use of large, open spaces and cuts down on smaller, enclosed private offices and cubicles.


These businesses realize that individuals work and thrive in so many different ways that it’s important to accommodate every type of worker, especially millenials. Utilizing this concept provides employees with workspaces that are filled with tables, couches, lounge chairs, and even bar counters.

The goal is to make working in an office more enjoyable for employees. The logic is that if everyone is happier, their work will benefit.

Financing a Mixed Use Property

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