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How a Home Appraisal Determines Residential Property Value

Posted by Collin McGorty on Sep 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Appraising a property plays a significant role in the real estate industry. While appraisals are used for a wide variety of reasons, one thing is certain—you always want yours to go smoothly. So, if you don’t know what a home appraisal is, or you’re just looking to get some pointers on your property value, here’s everything that you need to know.

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Topics: residential real estate, Buying, Selling, Refinancing, property value

How to Paint your Home or Apartment: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by Collin McGorty on Sep 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Whether it’s the wall, trim or ceilings, painting the interior of your home or apartment isn’t such an easy project. From preparation to execution and clean up, there are a lot of small details that can get lost along the way if you aren’t experienced. However, we’ve compiled some techniques to help teach you how to paint in no time.

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Topics: residential real estate, home improvement, interior design, property value

How to Choose a Contractor for your Home Construction

Posted by Collin McGorty on Jul 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

If you’re a homeowner, you know how hard it can be to find a dependable contractor to oversee your renovation. Everyone has heard a construction horror story where a part of their home was gutted only for the crew to take the money and run. Renovations are difficult enough—make your life easier by following these proven tips on how to choose a contractor.

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Topics: residential real estate, property value

How to Add Curb Appeal to Boost your Home’s Property Value

Posted by Collin McGorty on May 16, 2018 9:00:00 AM

If you’re in the market to sell a residential space, the goal is always to increase the property value of your home as much as possible. Luckily, there are a few quick fixes to improve your home’s curb appeal, which can boost property value significantly.

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Topics: property value, Selling, residential real estate

Kitchen Remodeling Tips that can Help Achieve your Vision

Posted by Collin McGorty on Jan 3, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Homeowners are always on the lookout for affordable ways to potentially increase their property value. Since home additions can be too pricey for most homeowners’, the simple remodeling of an essential room, like the kitchen, can go a long way towards improving the value of your home. Just make sure to follow these helpful kitchen remodeling tips.

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Topics: residential real estate, home additions, home maintenance, property value, house design, interior design

10 Not-So-Costly Improvements to Increase your Home Value

Posted by Collin McGorty on Oct 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM

If you think at some point you’ll be in the market to sell your home, you want to make sure it’s in the best shape possible in order to yield the highest return-on-interest. However, if you overspend on improvements, it could cancel out the profit you’d earn on an increased home value. Therefore, make use of these 10 cost-saving tips for upgrading your home and improving its property value.

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Topics: Tips, home value, property value, landscaping, home maintenance

How Does Property Value Determine When to Buy or Sell?

Posted by Collin McGorty on Sep 23, 2016 9:30:00 AM

For most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make in their lifetime; so naturally, there’s a good amount of planning and preparation that goes into the process. On the flip side, deciding to sell your property is also a milestone financial decision in any homeowner’s life. Choosing whether to buy or sell a home depends on your situation, the market and property value. Here are some factors that should go into making your big decision.

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Topics: Tips, Buying, Selling, property value

What is a Smart Home?

Posted by Collin McGorty on Aug 5, 2016 10:00:00 AM

With the increasingly rapid progress of technology, every sector of our lives is being improved and built on with the consumer in mind. These technological advances are starting to make their way into residential real estate and our homes. Houses that utilize this state-of-the-art technology and devices have been coined “smart homes”.  A smart home makes use of all the newest technology that simplifies and eases the way that we live. Follow along to find out exactly what is a smart home and what features can turn yours into one, too.

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Topics: design, Luxury Homes, property value, residential real estate

What Affects Your Property Value?

Posted by Collin McGorty on Jun 22, 2016 9:00:00 AM

For anyone who is looking to sell a home, it is always important to get the most on your return in a timely manner. There are many reasons that can cause your property value to fluctuate. Sometimes, homeowners can invest fortunes in unnecessary improvements that ultimately have no positive influence on the home’s value. To make sure you fully optimize the sale of your home, follow this guide and you’ll be able to navigate the pitfalls of property value in no time.

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Topics: Selling, Tips, property value, long island housing market

How to Increase Commercial and Residential Property Value

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Jan 14, 2016 2:15:16 PM

Despite the uncertainty of the real estate market, there are simple, proven steps anyone can take to increase the property value of either commercial or residential real estate.

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Topics: residential real estate, commercial property, property value

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